The Sanctuary of Sra. da Peneda, in Arcos de Valdevez, in the parish of Gavieira, has a probable date of its beginning, at the end of the 18th century, judging by the date inscribed on the column at the top of the access staircase. It is believed that in this place there was a small hermitage built to remember the appearance of Senhora da Peneda, whose worship was growing and motivated the construction of the sanctuary. This place of worship is constituted by the designated staircase of the virtues, with statuary representing Faith, Hope, Charity and Glory, dating from 1854, the main church, completed in 1875, the great terreiro, the terreiro of the evangelists and the staircase with about 300 meters and 20 chapels, with scenes of the life of Christ. The Feast of the Lady of Peneda is annual, lasts a week, between August 31 and September 8. Legenda da Peneda The Lady of Peneda appeared on August 5, 1220, a child who kept some goats, the Lady appeared to him in the form of a white dove and told him to ask the inhabitants of Gavieira, to build in that place a hermitage. The shepherdess told her parents, but they did not believe the story. The next day when she kept the goats in the same place, the Lady reappeared, but in the form of the image that now exists, and ordered the child to go to Roussas's place, to ask to bring a woman, eighteen years old, named, Domingas Gregorio, who when he got close to the image recovered his health.







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